High Sheriff Awards

The High Sheriff of Hampshire, Mr Phillip Sykes, has launched the High Sheriff of Hampshire Awards for 2021-2022, to recognise those going beyond the call of duty in the field of law and order in their everyday activities. Nominations can be made using the form below, for those that deserve special recognition for their work on projects enhancing safety and cohesion in our local communities.

The High Sheriff is calling for individuals, volunteers, public servants, charities and community groups to submit their entries for the annual honours, which aim to make the county a better and safer place for all residents.

Make A Nomination

To make a nomination to the High Sheriff of Hampshire Community Awards for 2021-2022, please download, complete and return the nomination form below. Both a Word document and a PDF file have been made available for download, please select the file that is easiest for you.

Please complete the form and return via email to marketing@hiwcf.com before the closing date at 6pm on Friday 28th January 2022.

HS Award-Nomination Form-WORD.doc

HS Award-Nomination-Form-PDF.pdf

Previous High Sheriff Awardees

Pictured below are the awardees for 2019/20 and 2020/21 at the joint High Sheriff of Hampshire Award Ceremony in September 2021, the ceremonies had been delayed due to the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Historical Role of the High Sheriff

The High Sheriff is one of the oldest Crown Offices, dating back to before the Battle of Hastings. As the Sheriff’s powers increased, they were considered to be a threat and in 1540 Henry VIII created Lord Lieutenants to take over the military duties. To this day both the Lord Lieutenant and the High Sheriff are appointed by, and are representatives of, the Sovereign with the High Sheriff being responsible for keeping the Queen’s Peace. High Sheriffs support the High Court judges, together with the rest of the judiciary and all those involved in law and order, including the voluntary sector. As the office is independent and non political High Sheriffs are well-placed to bring together a wide range of people within the communities they serve, offering encouragement and connection where it is most needed, honouring the pledge made at their declaration – to “truly and faithfully support the Judiciary and all who maintain The Queen’s Peace, who administer justice, and who protect and support their fellow citizens.”

Please click here to read the full press release launching the High Sheriff of Hampshire awards for 2021-2022.