Supporting Communities Affected by Covid-19

Funding from the We’re All Together Fund has supported local charities to respond to the crisis, as many organisations have suffered severe income losses jeopardising their existence right at the time that communities have been most in need of their services.

The safety net that our local charities and voluntary groups provide in our community had disappeared literally overnight, causing a risk to the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged and vulnerable people that rely on these organisations and resources to help them get by.

How is the We’re All Together Campaign helping local people?

Donations have been channelled to support the groups that are working hard to help vulnerable people to keep safe. Groups have responded by adapting their services to carry out shopping trips, cook and deliver hot meals, collect medicine, offer support over the phone and online assistance to check wellbeing and provide reassurance and companionship for those isolating at home to stay safe.

Your donations really help

Your donation will make a real difference to local people in need who are shielding to stay safe, isolating at home alone or have lost their job as a result of Covid-19.

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Donate to this campaign

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