Access to the Sea for People with Disabilities

Wetwheels Solent enables disabled people to gain access to the open water and be active in a highly sensory, rich maritime environment – increasing confidence, reducing anxiety and significantly impacting on wellbeing, providing the experience of a lifetime through a trip on a custom-built powered catamaran.

After a full safety briefing and embarkation, participants get to explore nearby Portsmouth waters to learn about the local maritime history, wildlife and see HMS Victory or one of the new aircraft carriers from the water. It is a unique feeling to be on the water with all the sights, aromas and sensations, sharing the experience with the crew and heading out further to enjoy the freedom of being on the open water.

"Can I please thank you and the trustees most sincerely for making this award, the past few months have been desperately challenging for us as an organisation, not only were we unable to take disabled people to sea due to government restrictions, but this impacted our income and also our ability to raise funds. It was a double whammy."