Surviving Winter

HIWCF work in partnership with Citizens Advice Hampshire and also Footprints Trust on the Isle of Wight, to help older people to keep warm during winter.

Footprints visited an older gentleman who was terminally ill with cancer and struggling to keep warm due to lack of mobility. He was bed bound and on a very low income after housing costs.

Footprints were able to give guidance on zoning, involving keeping the main room heated to a higher level than the rest of the property and suggested a check on Pension Credit eligibility to help claim the Warm Home Discount giving £140 credit to the electric account.

Footprints then topped up the pre-payment meter so that the gentleman could use his heating to stay as warm and well as possible.

National Energy Action reports that about 30% of excess winter deaths were likely to be attributable to the impact of cold homes on people with respiratory and cardiovascular disease.