Transport to Vital Medical Appointments

A grant of £9,500 is enabling the Rainbow Trust to support seriously ill children and their families. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisation has been delivering baby milk to hospitals, medication to homes, providing bereavement support and supporting families as they try to manage the fear and uncertainty that their child’s condition might deteriorate as a result of the virus.

Rosie is two years old and is at high risk to Coronavirus, making frequent visits to hospital for dialysis treatment. Rainbow Trust have been an immense source of support for the family, helping transport Rosie and her family to and from the hospital during lockdown, making the whole experience of going to hospital during the peak of the crisis a little less stressful.

"Without our Rainbow Trust support worker Liz as a helping hand mentally and emotionally, being there to help with transportation, we would find this time a lot harder and lonelier; Liz has been amazing providing our family with support."