Leaving A Gift In Your Will

Thinking about family and friends will always come first when making a will, but any charitable gift you leave to the Foundation, whatever the size, will make a big difference to the lives of those less fortunate in our local communities.

Choose the Legacy You Leave

Leaving a legacy to HIWCF in your will offers you the flexibility to support a charitable cause or area that you find particularly inspiring, or that has special meaning for you. If you prefer, HIWCF can direct your gift on your behalf, as our expertise in assessing charitable groups and projects gives us a unique insight into the needs of local people and enables us to reach and support the most pressing needs in our communities.

Setting Up An Endowment Fund

By investing your bequest, your gift could make a difference not just once, but forever, with new grants made every year from an endowment fund income. This type of gift becomes a lasting memorial and will help to meet the needs of future generations. You can name your legacy fund after your family, or choose a personal name that is meaningful to you and your family. Importantly, an HIWCF legacy fund enables family and friends to be involved in the decision making process without the burden of legal or fiscal responsibilities.

Leaving A Donation

Choosing to leave a gift to HIWCF isn’t just for people who have access to lots of money. A small amount makes a big difference to the community groups, voluntary organisations and charites that we support, and we guarantee that your donation will go straight to where it is most needed and where it will do the most good.

Managing Legacies

HIWCF is able to manage legacies of all kinds:

  • Residuary
  • Reversionary
  • Pecuniary
  • Land shares
  • Property
  • Specific items

Inheritance Tax

Many charitable gifts from Wills are exempt from Inheritance Tax and this can help reduce the total amount of tax paid on your estate. We recommend consulting your legal advisor when making changes to a Will, to ensure that your wishes are fully implemented.

Your generosity will help fund essential projects and services such as:

  • A lunch club combatting loneliness and isolation for older people
  • A parenting role model service supporting families in crisis
  • Advice for parents caring for children with disabilities
  • Emotional support for young people to help them deal with their anxieties