Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility

Partnering with HIWCF enables you to share your success by supporting the most vulnerable people in the communities in which you, your customers and your employees are based.

Your employees can play a part in the decision-making for your charitable giving, which will be administered to the highest standards of governance on your behalf, enhancing your business brand and reputation.

Corporate Giving FAQs

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions regarding corporate giving with HIWCF.

  • How much control do we have over our charitable giving?

    You retain control over how you want your charitable giving to be spent, working with us to develop the grant-programme criteria detailing the types of organisations you want to apply for funding, the specified value of grants, the geographical areas and communities to be supported and the issues and causes that you want to help.

  • How do we raise awareness for our charitable giving?

    HIWCF will create a press release for distribution, providing information about the grant-programme and the impact of your charitable giving. Press releases will be approved by you and will give you the opportunity to include information and a quotation about your organisation and your charitable giving.

    HIWCF social media posts will also advertise grant-programmes and show how groups are benefitting from grant funding, which will help to raise awareness of the work of your business in the local community.

  • Can we visit the organisations that are funded through our grants?

    We organise ‘Seeing Is Believing’ visits to local community groups enabling your employees to visit the organisations that your grants have funded. These visits give an opportunity to meet the staff and volunteers running the projects and hear directly from the people that have benefitted from the services provided, helping to show difference that you funding has made.

  • Is this a cost effective way for our business to donate to charity?

    HIWCF is a non-profit making charitable foundation, providing a comprehensive, transparent and professional service to our donors for a small negotiated fee, which contributes towards our core running costs.

    Save time and money by working with us, we will manage the whole grant-programme on your behalf, meaning that your staff can focus on their core work requirements, as opposed to diverting their time and resources to the administration involved in setting up and managing a brand new charity or charitable trust.

  • Can assets such as land, shares or property be donated to the Foundation?

    HIWCF accepts a range of charitable corporate gifts including assets such as land, shares or property.

Proud Partners

Our partnerships with local businesses provide a cost effective and flexible way for organisations to manage their charitable giving.

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