Helping disadvantaged local people

HIWCF is uniquely placed to identify and respond to local needs, and we are continually developing our understanding of the charitable sector in local communities to ensure that your giving reaches the people who are in most need.

As an HIWCF fundholder you retain full control over your charitable giving, meaning that you and your family can choose which local causes and issues to support.

Charitable giving is easy with HIWCF

HIWCF takes responsibility for the administration, due diligence, reporting and governance for your charitable giving, as required by the Charity Commission and HMRC.

Many of our supporters choose to work with our other donors to pool their charitable giving to achieve maximum impact in the community. Fundholders are also entitled to access match-funding schemes and reclaim gift aid.

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Personal and Family Giving FAQs

  • How much control do we have over our charitable giving?

    You retain full control over how you want your funds to be spent. We will work with you to develop the grant-programme criteria detailing the types of organisations you want to apply, the value of the grants to be awarded, the geographical areas and communities to be supported and the issues and causes that you want to help.

  • Will my charitable giving be publicised through HIWCF?

    If your fund is large enough to have a standalone grant-programme, we will publicise the grant awards made to local media through press releases and/or social media if you are happy for us to do so, or we will promote grant funding made to the local community through our charitable themes, eg ‘We’re All Together’ for Covid-19 relief, or ‘Better Start’ tackling child poverty.

    Alternatively, we will respect all wishes for donations to remain private.

  • Can we visit the organisations and projects that we fund?

    We organise ‘Seeing Is Believing’ visits to local community groups, offering you the chance to visit those organisations that you have funded. These visits give an opportunity to meet the staff and volunteers running the projects and hear directly from the people who have benefitted from the services provided, helping to show the difference that your funding has made.

  • Will my charitable giving be cost-effective?

    HIWCF is a non-profit making charitable foundation, providing a comprehensive, transparent and professional service to our donors for a small negotiated fee, which contributes towards our core running costs.

    HIWCF manage the entire grant-making process on your behalf, including due diligence, reporting, and governance as required by the Charity Commission and HMRC.

  • What would we call our new fund?

    Your fund can be named after you or your family, for example The Smith Family Fund or perhaps more obviously after the issues you plan to support such as The Smith Hardship Fund.

    Alternatively you may want to name your fund after a meaningful family place or hobby, for example ‘The Flying Scotsman Fund’, ‘The Danebury Ring Fund’ or ‘The Gallops Fund’.

  • Can assets such as land, shares or property be donated to the Foundation?

    HIWCF accepts a range of other charitable donations and gifts including assets such as land, shares or property.

  • Can I transfer my existing charitable trust fund?

    HIWCF is able to take over the management of other charitable trust funds. To find out more about transferring your existing trust fund, please go to

  • How does a grant-programme work?

    Grant applications are impartially reviewed, validated and assessed, with grant payments issued to charitable organisations on your behalf. Reporting from these groups at the end of the grant term enabes us to assess the impact of your funding.

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We'll ensure that your charitable giving makes a difference for disadvantaged and vulnerable local people.

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