Types Of Fund

We manage three types of charitable funds on behalf of our donors, please select your preferred option below and let’s work together to support those in need in our local communities.

Endowment Fund

A professionally invested Endowment Fund enables your donation to support future generations in perpetuity. Grants are awarded annually from the funds’ income, avoiding the legal and fiscal burdens associated with setting up your own charity or trust.

Acorn Fund

HIWCF can set up an Acorn Fund on your behalf, which through an initial investment of £250 can then be regularly built up over time, usually monthly, to provide grant funding for the inspiring causes in our local communities.

Flow-Through Fund

A Flow-Through Fund provides immediate grant-making to community groups and organisations. Donations are usually made annually to this type of fund, with grants awarded in line with the agreed objectives.

Why Give

We will ensure that your charitable giving makes a big difference for disadvantaged and vulnerable local people.

What's next?

We would love to meet with you to discuss your charitable giving in more detail.

Let us know the most convenient time for you and your preferred way to get in touch and we’ll show you how your charitable giving can make a big difference in our local community.

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