Made By Sport ‘Clubs In Crisis’ Round 2

The aim of the Fund is to effectively and efficiently support sports clubs and local organisations with an annual income of less than £75,000 working with young people aged between 5 and 25 years old using sport (this includes any physical activity) for social outcomes in the voluntary and community sector.

Your organisation or the project funded through this grant focuses on young people aged 5-25 with at least 90% of the individuals who will benefit from the grant being from that age group.

Programme Overview

Status Closed
Opening Date 21/05/2021
Closing Date 04/06/2021
Minimum Grant £2,021
Maximum Grant £2,021
Location Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton
Causes Multiple Issues & Causes

Applications are now closed.


  • General Eligibility

    The MBS fund will only fund sport for development projects which work towards one or more of these outcomes: Detailed descriptions for each category below

    Developing Life Skills

    Improving Mental Health

    Reducing Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

    Developing Employability Skills

    Building Stronger Communities

    Developing Life Skills

    MBS will support projects which develop the soft skills that will ultimately improve the life chances of young people, specifically projects which work towards any of the six key areas of life skills development identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO):

    • Communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Decision-making and problem solving.
    • Creative thinking and critical thinking.
    • Self-awareness and empathy.
    • Assertiveness and self-control.

    Improving Mental Health

    MBS will support projects which promote positive mental health through physical activity, which:

    • Achieve increased confidence and resilience.
    • Encourage positive social interaction.
    • Specifically address mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or ADHD.
    • Focus on general wellbeing and wellness.

    Reducing Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

    MBS will support projects which reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, either through providing diversionary activities at key times, or through modifying and promoting positive behaviour.

    Developing Employability Skills
    MBS will support projects which either develop employability skills or those which provide actual pathways to employment.

    To differentiate projects working towards this outcome from projects working towards the general soft skills outcome, MBS would like you to prioritise projects working towards one of the following three outcomes, for young people aged 16 and above:

    • Communication and interpersonal skills, including working well with others.
    • Reliability and dependability, including meeting deadlines and turning up on time.
    • The ability and willingness to learn new skills, whether job-specific or more general.

    In terms of specific pathways to employment, MBS will include funding for volunteer pathways and qualifications in sport.

    Building Stronger Communities

    MBS will support projects which build and rebuild communities, for example:

    • Those which encourage integration or bridge divides between groups of people.
    • Those providing opportunities for vulnerable or marginalised groups.

    MBS appreciates that many projects may work towards more than one of these outcomes and will ensure that this can be demonstrated through the application process.

    Voluntary and community organisations, including but not limited to:

    • Registered charities, including charitable incorporated organisations
    • Constituted organisations and non-registered charities
    • Community interest companies and community benefit societies
    • Independent Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs)

    Churches and other religious organisations (if the funded activity is not deemed to be proselytising)

  • Target Beneficiaries

    Young people aged 5-25 involved in sport with a social benefit

    Sports Clubs or organisations serving young people in their sporting activities.

  • Acceptable Projects

    We will take applications that can include core costs including staff costs, purchase of equipment, venue hire, instructor hire for activities that are happening and will be completed/spent by the end of this year

    • Equipping an organisation to adapt their activities during the pandemic (eg making activities Covid safe).
    • Supporting young people in these activities in the current year (eg additional/extended activities over summer to increase social participation after lockdown).


    Responding to changing requirements as we move to recovery phase (eg outreach activity for vulnerable young people who may have slipped through the gaps or where new vulnerabilities have arisen)

  • Exclusions
    • Grants that are solely for the provision of bursaries to individuals or families
    • Organisations NOT based and active in Hampshire including Portsmouth and Southampton, and Isle of Wight
    • Elite sports activity or athletic coaching
    • Organisations with over £75,000 annual income
    • Capital building projects
    • Statutory bodies such as schools, city, parish and county councils or health institutions
    • Organisations whose Objects are for the sole benefit or relief of animals or plants
    • National charities
    • Any party-political activity
    • Commercial activities
    • Proselytising activities, i.e. active promotion of a specific religion or belief system
  • Application Guidance
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