Montagu Neville Durnford and Saint Leo Cawthan – round 2

The Montagu Neville Durnford and Saint Leo Cawthan Memorial Trust is available for projects in the Portsmouth area which support people in need over the age of 50, with preference being given to Naval men and women or their widows.

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Programme Overview

Status Open
Opening Date 01/07/2022
Closing Date 26/09/2022
Minimum Grant £1,000
Maximum Grant £5,000
Location Portsmouth
Causes Adults over the age of 50, Education & Training, Health & Wellbeing, Naval Men and Women or their widows, Poverty & Disadvantage


  • General Eligibility

    Grants will be available for projects that focus support for those with links to Naval service and with all beneficiaries being at least 50 years of age. Other projects supporting those over 50 years of age will also be considered.

  • Target Beneficiaries

    The priority of these funds are for Portsmouth City residents. There is a small amount available for applications which demonstrate disadvantage and need in the greater Portsmouth area.

  • Acceptable Projects

    Provided they do not fall under statutory provision, priority will be given to:

    • Projects that support older people’s well-being and independence in their own home
    • Project supporting people on limited income over 50’s
    • Projects aimed at targeting isolation in the elderly, particularly those from areas of the highest local deprivation
    • Hardship support for vulnerable individuals
    • Transport for vulnerable & disadvantaged people
    • Social activities which help reduce isolation for vulnerable people
    • Health and well-being – physical activities and exercise
    • Learning and education
    • Counselling and advice services
  • Exclusions
    • Organisations NOT based and active in Portsmouth
    • Public bodies like Local Authorities or schools (except out of school activities)
    • Organisations that are for the sole benefit or relief of animals or plants
    • Any party political activity
    • Commercial ventures
    • Proselytising activities, i.e. active promotion of a specific religion or belief system
    • National Charities
    • For equipment which will actually, or in effect, become the property of a statutory body
    • No capital build or refurbishment
  • Application Guidance
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