Online application guidance


Contact Details

Please provide contact details for your organisation and for the key individual that we can contact to discuss the application and project.

About your organisation

What are the overall aims and objectives of your organisation?

We require a short statement describing the overall aims and objectives of your organisation, activities or services your organisation provides and any other organisations you work with.

For example: ‘We are a volunteer-led group which provides support to older people suffering isolation. We provide befriending and visits, and work with the local branch of Age UK/Age Concern.’

What was your income for the last complete financial year?

Have you received grant funding before? If yes then tell us who provided the funding.

An organisation should have its own constitution, a management committee of at least three unrelated members and be independent of any other organisation.

You will be asked to provide a copy of your latest accounts or financial statement, signed by the relevant trustees. If you are a start-up and do not have any accounts you will need to provide a twelve month income and expenditure forecast.


What would you like to do with your grant? Please describe your project/activity and how you would spend any grant.

For example:

‘We would like to purchase some new camping equipment to replace our old tents and allow us to continue to take our 20 plus youth members, aged before 12-16, on camping trips across the county. We work with the local scouting movement and share equipment where possible.’

‘We would like to run a programme to help unemployed people into work by helping to find them work experience places, training courses and coaching for vocational qualifications. We will provide 2 hour weekly sessions on Monday and Wednesday, at Witemoore village hall. The programme will run for 16 weeks and support approximately 20 young people between 16-18 years and be supported by the local school and police constable. We would like funds to help pay for the hall hire and volunteer expenses.’

Please let us know about any income from activities: for example if any payments (i.e. subscriptions) are made by the participants?

Benefits and outcomes

Please explain how people or the community accessing your services are disadvantaged?

How do you know that people in your community want this project/activity?

How will your local community benefit from this project?

For example, if you are asking for funds to help young people paint a mural on a wall somewhere in the community, the people directly benefitting are those young people who are painting, but the presence of the mural would then have a wider benefit to the rest of the community.


Please choose the Primary people/issues who will directly benefit from this project that you are seeking funding for.  You may also tick the box for Secondary people/issues who will indirectly benefit.

Note: The primary beneficiaries are the people who will directly benefit; usually those participating in the project.


Please provide a breakdown of the costs related to your project such as volunteer expenses, staff costs, hall hire, equipment cost.

Include cost per hour, number of hours per week, number of weeks per year.

For example:

Hall hire, £20 per hour, 4 hours per week, for 16 weeks = £1,280.
Salary cost, £10 per hour, 4 hours per week for 52 weeks = £2,080

Bank/Building Society account

Please provide your organisation’s bank/building society account details. The ‘Bank Account Name’ would be the name of the organisation or group applying for the grant. Grant award payments are paid directly into this bank account.

In certain circumstances, if your group does not have its own bank/building society account, we may be able to pay the grant to another charitable organisation willing to receive and hold the funds on your behalf.

Checklists for supporting documents

Please send all the appropriate documents requested in the application form. Without these we cannot process your application.

Signed Constitution – a constitution or set of rules must answer a few basic questions about your organisation and how it operates.

For example: how many people are on your committee, when and where your committee meet on a regular basis and who can sign cheques or authorise online bank transactions.

Signed Accounts – these should cover the most recent 12 month period and must be signed by your accountants. We accept that organisations have different financial years, and it can take time to prepare accounts, so we will accept accounts where the financial period ended anytime within the last 18 months.

Policies – please provide copies of any Child Protection, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, insurance, etc documents.

Management Committee – please provide a list of full names, and organisation positions (i.e. Chair/Secretary/Treasurer) of all members of your Management Committee.


This must be signed by a senior member of your organisation’s management committee, such as the Chair, Treasurer or Secretary.


When you have spent the grant, you will need to complete and return to us a Monitoring Form within the timescale set by the grant (usually 12 months of receipt of grant). You must provide all requested supporting documentation.

You must also get our approval in advance if there are any changes as to how you intend to spend the grant money and any changes to the monitoring submission deadline.

We randomly visit a certain number of organisations/groups to check that all grant monies awarded are being used in line with the original grant application or as otherwise agreed.

It is a condition of accepting a grant that you agree to such a visit, which will be arranged for a mutually convenient time often when the grant funded activity is taking place.